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Kootenay Employment Services Programs

Kootenay Employment Services (KES), offers a range of different employment programs. They call them their LEAD programs. They have programs for all ages and for people in different stages of their life. Their programs suit those looking to break into the job market as well as those looking to change their career.  

Below is the breakdown of their LEAD Programs:

Aspire is a paid employment program for those under 30 who are looking to enter the workforce or return to work. We help you prepare for the job market by providing employability and life skills training through classroom and experiential learning activities.

Encore is a paid employment program for those 55 years of age or older looking to get back to work or make a career change. We help review participants’ skills and strengths, assess, and develop computer skills and learn office software, explore how to market yourself, evaluate upgrading and skills training courses, research, and meet employers.  

LINK is a paid program to provide peer employment opportunities and related supports to those at risk of or experiencing homelessness and gather research around how peer employment affects participants’ attachment to the labour market and the overall health and well-being of participants.  

The SHIFT program is a paid employment program for those who have gone through emotional or physical impacts that create barriers to getting and keeping employment. SHIFT helps participants re-enter the workforce by exploring what career they might be good at and aims to strengthen confidence to help them do the job they want and deserve.

How to Apply:

You can reach them by phone at 250-423-4204 or by email at: